Vendor Portal

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Partnering with your Vendors just got simpler. Our Vendor Portal is the perfect resource for your vendors to access all the services and records related to their assigned projects.

Up-to-the-minute interactive Work Order notification system. You and your Vendors can manage the assignment and completion of work orders easily on ApexLink.

  • Once the Tenant initiates a work order ticket from the Tenant Portal, you select the appropriate Vendor and the Vendor immediately receives a text or email notifying them of the request.
  • The Vendor responds with an update of when the work will start and be completed, so you can plan accordingly.
  • The Vendor logs into their personalized Vendor Portal to update the status or completion of the job, including adding any comments, photos or descriptions of the work.
  • You automatically receive a text or email that the job has been completed, freeing you to move onto other important tasks.
  • Vendor activities can also be linked to our Paperless Work Order system.

Additional Features.

  • Pay your Vendors with the ease and speed of direct deposit. Your Vendors will appreciate the reduction in bank processing time and earlier access to their funds - while you save time and paper.
  • Standard Fees can be included in each Vendor profile to assist you in selecting the most cost-effective option.
  • Rate your Vendors in ApexLink so that other Property Managers can view the quality of work each vendor provides and select the most qualified vendor for the job.
  • Vendor invoices, statements, payments, and related reports are always available for you, your property management team, Owners, and Vendors to view.
  • 1099’s can be generated on ApexLink quickly and easily.

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