Tenant Services

tenant services

Streamline your paperwork and enhance communication with ApexLink's Tenant Portal.

ApexLink offers convenient and complete access to tenant information for you and your tenants.

Timesaving for Your Managers

Our communications portal allows your managers to send “push” notifications to tenants for payment reminders, rent increases, building / co-op / condo meetings, maintenance progress, updates, or any other pressing matter.

Nothing gets lost! All incoming and outgoing communications with your tenants are automatically saved in the tenant's ApexLink file for future reference.

Easy for Your Tenants

Our convenient Tenant Portal allows users to securely pay their deposits, rent, and related fees, as well as make work order requests, report property issues and initiate communications with your team.

Tenants can review the status or history of their rent payments, access and review lease terms, or find any payment information regarding their property and its management.

Whenever they want and wherever they are, your tenants can get whatever information they need at their convenience. You and your team will save time and money by not having to look in paper files for information that's now readily available in your ApexLink application.

Cost Saving for Owners

Not only does ApexLink's multifaceted automated system allow you to reduce your paperwork costs, it maximizes personnel efficiency, so you can reallocate your resources and keep costs controlled for each property owner.

ApexLink provides your with the efficiency you need to streamline your operation.

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