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powerful reports

Don't waste time reinventing the wheel.

We've pre-designed over 200 statements, letters and reports for your benefit. Why? Because we already know what information you’ll need to manage your property most effectively.

In the event you need to create a specialized report of your own, our Report Generator allows you to incorporate any data field you might require. And you can save your custom report in your ApexLink account to use over and over.

User Defined Reports. Each of your authorized ApexLink Users can generate and customize reports within the scope of the access granted to their position.

Whether you're an Owner, Property Manager, Leasing Manager or Property Administrator, ApexLink reports compile precisely the data your success requires.

Where you need them. If you ever need to use your operations data outside of the ApexLink system, you're able to print, email, or export reports to MS Excel or in Adobe PDF format. Of course, the reports are also viewable on all computers and most mobile devices.

When you need them. Schedule regular reports for automatic generation and delivery to you and others in your organization. No need to manually create monthly, quarterly or annual reports. Set them up once and you’ll have the reports you need just when you need them.

Simple, automated, and easy.

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