Online Tenant Rent Payments

online rent paymt

Wouldn’t it be great to avoid entering rent payments and depositing tenant checks?

With ApexLink, your tenants will enjoy the convenience and comfort of paying their rent on-line 24/7 without the hassle of writing and mailing checks, and hoping they arrive on time. And of course, you’ll enjoy not having to manually enter rent payment data, track funds, or deposit tenant checks.

Step One – Automatic Reminders. ApexLink automatically emails your tenants a reminder when rent is due, noting the amount owed, and containing a link to your custom tenant portal, encouraging your tenants to pay on line.

Step Two – Simple Payment Options. Your tenants use our secure system to sign into their personal portal and make their rent payments. They can choose to authorize an ACH transfer or charge it to their credit card.

The choice is theirs. Tenants can go onto the portal each month to pay their rent, or they can set up a recurring payment schedule directly on the portal and never worry about late payments again! Their monthly payments are automatic and easy.

Online Deposit Payments. New tenants can also pay their deposits online as part of the rental application process, speeding up the application process, cutting down on processing and handling time for everyone.

All they need is their computer or a portable device, internet access and basic computer skills, and they can experience the simplicity of online rent payment.

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