Online Service and Work Order Requests

paperless work orders

Enjoy the simplicity of receiving maintenance requests and reports of property issues electronically.

With ApexLink, everyone saves time with our automated work order and communication system.

Step One. The tenant clicks on the Work Order icon in the tenant portal and enters their maintenance issue.

Step Two. The message is automatically forwarded to the appropriate maintenance or administrative person for handling.

Step Three. The work order request automatically prioritizes itself, based on how you’ve designed the system. So your team will know what work orders to address first based on urgency, importance, time request was made, etc.

Step Four. Once the Work Order is complete and ApexLink is updated, your tenant automatically receives an email confirmation that their request has been resolved.

Enhanced communication. If you or your team have any questions for the tenant, you can reply directly to their request and ask for more details. ApexLink stores all communications so you each have a record of the request, the discussion, and the resolution.

It’s a perfect digital paper trail – efficient, time saving, and result focused.

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