Online Lease Renewals

lease renewal

Make it easy for your tenants to extend the terms of their lease with our online renewal feature.

Once you're ready to initiate lease renewal discussions, ApexLink will take care of the rest.

Our system sends an email to the tenant, notifying them of when when their lease is due to expire. It includes details of the amount of any rent increases, alerts them of their deadline for notice of non-renewal, and refers them to a designated contact person on your team. Should they choose to renew, they can follow the link provided to initiate the online continuation process.

When a tenant elects to initiate the renewal process, a new lease is generated for their online signature. Once signed, it’s then stored by ApexLink for tenant access via their online portal.

Should a tenant decline to renew their lease, they'll be prompted to complete the online closing process. ApexLink will automatically update your vacancy listings with the date of that unit's availability, and you can begin marketing efforts to fill the vacancy.

Lease renewal has never been simpler!

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