Move-In / Move-Out Workflow Tools

move in move out

Handling move-outs, cleanings, walk-throughs, inspections and move-ins can be hectic.

With ApexLink's Move-In / Move-out Tools, planning, scheduling and executing these changes are simplified. You'll be able to schedule events, assign and communicate with staff, and coordinate transition tasks for each party - all in real time. All users will be able to view and track the status of each turnover and note their own progress, until each stage of the process is complete.

Our software offers extensive support for tenant management during the Move-In/Out process. Standardized checklists ensure your smooth handling of tenants, paperwork, deposits, refunds and everything in between. You'll be able to utilize a variety of customization tools to tweak, or create your own transition timeline and tools.

Your tenants will appreciate the ease and professionalism of moving in and out of your properties because our software ensures that no facet of the process is omitted. Everyone can stay on the same page, and no task or individual is overlooked.

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