Mobile Solutions for Property Managers

mobile solutions

Because work doesn't stop when you leave your office.

ApexLink's reliable, secure, easy-to-use mobile application was designed to make your life easier.

All you need is an Internet connection to access, upload, or update your: data, photos, work orders, notes, leases, documents - and anything else you thought you needed your office computer for.

Added Benefits of our Mobile App

  • Need to update a record? Any changes you make immediately sync with your ApexLink software.
  • Meeting with tenants who want to see their lease? View the lease right on your device.
  • Working late at night or during the weekend? ApexLink is available 24/7 no matter what system you use.
  • Talking to a prospective tenant who wants to see the rates for other similar units? Create a report with comparable options and share it with the prospect.
  • Following up on a maintenance request? Upload and share photos, or create a work order remotely.
  • Touring properties all day and need to check on some payments? The entire accounting module of ApexLink is at your fingertips.

Wherever you are, ApexLink mobile will work for you.

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