Marketing Analytics

marketing analysis

As Property Managers, we need effective tools to help us make important decisions pertaining to our business operations.

Your marketing strategies are a vital piece of that efficiency puzzle. You need to be sure you're using your time and budget wisely, to get the maximum return on your advertising investments.

That’s where ApexLink’s Marketing Analytics works for you.

With ApexLink, you can monitor your advertising dollars, referrals, traffic and all the other methods you use to reach out to prospective tenants. You can easily keep track of the time you’ve spent with each prospect and all of your interactions, including: how they learned about you, messages sent and received, etc., all by using the ApexLink software.

Utilize our standard and customized reports to get a snapshot of the day's progress - or your complete history - to determine what works, what doesn't, and where to focus your marketing dollars in the future.

We provide the analytical tools that allow you to focus on continuing your successful marketing techniques and stop spinning your wheels with programs that don't produce the best results.

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