Global Changes

global changes

No dual entry of data!

It’s so frustrating working in a system where you enter a change on one page and then have to enter it again on 4 or 5 different modules or systems to make sure you’re covered. There’s always the risk that you miss one of those entries, and finding the error is nearly impossible.

That’s not the case with ApexLink.

We have fully integrated our modules, fields, reports and system so that when you change one field, the entire system is updated.

If you change a tenant’s phone number, enter it once and you’re done. Change a lease date and the entire system is updated with a single entry.

You have more important things to worry about than data entry. And we know how important it is that you trust the thoroughness and integrity of your property management system.

So we integrated our data fields so that any changes you make are updated globally throughout your system.

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