FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 Are all features included in the free trial?

    Yes. We want you to experience every feature our ApexLink software offers. We provide a fully comprehensive 14-day trial, excluding email & text messaging, so that you can get a true feel for ApexLink before making any payments. Note: access to email & text messaging services will be granted, immediately, once your account is upgraded to 'paid' status.

  • 2 How soon can I get up and running if I decide to use ApexLink?

    Depending on the size of your company, within a few hours, days or weeks.

  • 3 If I like the software and upgrade immediately, will I lose the 14-day free trial credit?

    Should you decide to upgrade your account, at any time prior to the full term of your 14-day free trial period - to unlock email & sms/text services, you will forfeit the remaining portion of your 'free trial' period.

  • 4 What if I don't have a lot of experience with computers? Can I still use ApexLink to manage my property?

    Yes, our system is very easy to use, even for first time computer users. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by - 24/7 - to help guide you through each page and make sure you're comfortable enough to get up and running as quickly as possible.

  • 5 How many users can access the software at the same time?

    As many as necessary. We allow our subscribers to authorize an unlimited number of users, all of whom may access the system at the same time. Your entire property management team, tenants, and owners can all use ApexLink without it slowing down – and without limitations.

  • 6 If I'm using Apexlink and have questions, will someone be available to help me?

    Yes, our support team is available 24/7 to help you every step of the way, anytime of the day or night. Contact us now.

  • 7 What browsers are supported by ApexLink?

    Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Chrome 8+ and Firefox 3+ have all been tested thoroughly for use with ApexLink.

  • 8 How secure is my information?

    Very secure. ApexLink uses the most sophisticated web security systems available in today’s market to protect your information.

  • 9 Can I use ApexLink if I don’t live in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand?

    Yes, the system is designed to be used by property managers all over the world. If you have a reliable internet connection, you can use ApexLink to manage your properties anywhere, anytime.

  • 10 If I sign up with ApexLink, can I cancel my account at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel anytime without paying any penalty. However, you are obligated for payments through the end of your contract period.

  • 11 When do you bill me for using the software?

    You can be billed either monthly or annually beginning on the 14th day following your Free Trial Period. If you choose to pay annually, you receive a 5% discount.

    Your first month’s Per Unit Fee is prorated through the end of that, current, calendar month. All subsequent monthly Per Unit payments are for a full calendar month and due on the 1st of each month.

    The $75 monthly Base Fee is not prorated. It applies to both partial and full months for customers with 11 or more units.

    For example: You continue your subscription after your 14-Day Free Trial ends on August 3. Your first payment covers the $75 Monthly Base Fee, if you have 11 or more units, PLUS a pro-rated Per Unit Fee from August 4 through August 31 (28 days).

    Customers with 10 or less Units do not pay the $75.00 Monthly Base Fee, they pay a flat $50.00 fee for using the service.

    For this example, let’s say your monthly Per Unit fee is $50. For this first month, you only pay for 28 days which is 90% of the month and comes to $45.00. Then you add the $75 Base Fee for a total of $120 for your first month.

    Beginning with the next calendar month, you pay your regular Per Unit fee of $50 plus your $75 Base Fee for a total of $125 on the 1st of each month, thereater.

  • 12 How much does it cost to use ApexLink?

    Click on our PRICING section to see our various options and to pick the one that best meets your unique business needs.

  • 13 What types of properties is ApexLink designed to manage?

    ApexLink's software is designed to manage all types of residential, commercial and industrial property, as well as land and recreational properties. Click on Markets to see a list of some of the property types ApexLink can serve.

  • 14 What are the benefits of using ApexLink?

    One system to manage every aspect of your property management business

    • Easy to use
    • Easy data migration
    • Online tenant applications
    • Comprehensive online applicant screening
    • Affordability
    • Saves time
    • Marketing tools to promote your vacancies
    • Increased tenant retention
    • Paperless office
    • Maximizes revenue
    • Populates your invoices and other recurring transactions automatically
    • Enhances productivity and reduces cost
    • Online maintenance requests and enhanced communication
    • Work from anywhere
    • No hardware cost
    • No storage cost
    • Customer support available to you 24/7
    • Safe and secure
    • Receive rent from tenants electronically
    • Pay Owners electronically
    • Complete accounting package
    • Document management
    • Work order management that streamlines your operation
    • Top notch customer service support
    • Over 200 statements, letters and reports
    • And much more!

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