Document Management

managing documents

With our easy-to-access document management tool, you can store and retrieve all operational and tenant related documents, notes and correspondence.

Make your life easier by going paper-free or paper-light. Why print when all the information you need is immediately accessible in the ApexLink property manager system?

Tenant leases are automatically stored in each tenant's profile – available to you, your property management team, the owners, and tenants at any time for downloading, using our 24/7 portals.

Use our Report Writer to create and store standard or custom reports and share them with the Owners or with other members of your team so that everyone has the right information just when they need it. Our comprehensive system compiles and stores everyday data as well as elaborate analytical reports - and everything in between.

Upload and download photos, checklists, leases, amendments and more, in any number of formats. If you wish to export a document, report, or a copy of a check to your personal device, simply drag and drop the item, and it will download wherever you need it. Don't worry, a copy will always remain stored in your account to access whenever you need it.

Speaking of storage, all of your data and records are automatically backed up in our remote data centers. We don’t take any risks with your important information. Even if you lose your computer system and data, ApexLink will have your property management system up and running in no time.

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