Communication Tools

communication tools

Imagine the time you would save if your team used a single, unified system for communicating with tenants, vendors, employees and property owners.

With ApexLink's one-stop system, all communications are stored in our Communication Archive. You won't misplace or lose important exchanges, attachments or messages. They’re all backed up in ApexLink automatically.

You can also customize our communication tools for your needs by creating:

  • Tenant notifications
  • Work order updates
  • Rent reminders
  • Renewal notices
  • And more!

Schedule routine and customized tenant and other communications and never worry about missing a notification deadline again. When you set up your account, our system will guide you in personalizing your custom communication settings, which you can change at any time.

Receive e-mail notifications when your recipients respond to your various system communications, and avoid overlooking important messages. You'll be able to provide top quality customer service with your instantaneous attention to important matters, ensuring the success of your long-term business relationships.

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