Collect Rent Online

collect rent online

Online rent payment is one of our favorite time-saving features.

ApexLink allows your tenants to conveniently and easily pay their rent on-line, 24/7, so you no longer have to manually enter, track or deposit rent checks. Our system automatically emails each tenant a reminder when rent is due, and they handle the rest!

ApexLink offers a secure system for your tenants to log in to their personal portal, make their rent payments, check the status of their account and communicate directly with your team. If there are any late fees due, your tenants will be able to easily see what they owe and make the appropriate payment.

New tenants can pay their deposits online as part of the rental application process. Once the lease is signed, tenants can set up their personalized portal and pay their rent by authorizing a one-time transaction, or an ongoing automatic ACH payment.

All they need is their computer or a portable device, reliable internet access and basic computer skills.

It’s win-win for your tenants and for your team.

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