Who knew software implementation could be so easy?


Get started quickly and upload your current data without worry. Navigate our pages and reports with ease.

Our online user guide walks you through the implementation process to ensure your success.

Step 1. Pre-implementation planning is an important first step. We recommend you thoroughly explore ApexLink during your 14-Day, Free Trial, period to get a sense of the depth and power of our software. Then use our Implementation Checklist to best plan for the transfer of information, assignment of tasks, setting of timelines, and introduction of ApexLink to your team.

Step 2. Data Migration from Excel or other database is easy when you follow our simple outline for formatting and uploading the information. There’s no need for duplicate data entry if you already have the information in your old system.

Step 3. Project management is so important. Make sure that your team is working together to learn ApexLink and sharing their experiences with our customization options. Don't forget to include our on-line training in your schedule.

Step 4. Go for it! Your property management team will soon be thrilled by the advantages ApexLink offers and enjoying the benefits of all the timesaving features. Your tenants will be equally enthusiastic with the added convenience of using your new online software.

Of course, if you have any implementation questions, our 24/7 service team members are available for you when you need us.

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