Accounts Payable Billing

accounts payable

While ApexLink focuses extensively on helping you grow and expand your income flow, we know you'll have expenses along the way.

So, we've created a straight-forward process for you to manage vendors and bill payment.

Easily maintain a roster of all your vendors with unique profiles for each account. For each vendor entry, you can store their contact information, service detail, fee rates, service and payment history, and elect a category for easy and clear organization.

ApexLink stores all of your vendor data in one place so you can take advantage of our report generator, and easily run detailed executive reports pertaining to your vendor transactions, without having to go through multiple records systems.

Scan digital copies of contracts and other vendor documents into ApexLink for easy retrieval. You can also document conversations and keep notes in each vendor profile, so that all your vendor-related information is in one easy-to-use system.

Everything you need to manage your properties can be stored with ApexLink.

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